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Family-owned and operated, every NC Kayak is made and shared with love. We have been making kayaks since 1999 and we're happy to share our kayaking knowledge with you.


Unique hull design & hand crafted quality

The water's waiting. Experience it all with the finest Pacific Northwest style touring kayaks made.

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Pacific Northwest Style Touring Kayaks

At NC Kayaks, we are single-minded in our pursuit of the best touring kayak out there. A touring kayak is a type of sea kayak that is designed with long-distance travel in mind, so they need to be reliable. That is why they are hand built in Tacoma Washington. Our kayaks are fast, light, hard tracking, durable, look good, and have enough storage you can really go somewhere.

Touring is the kayaking equivalent to backpacking. Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, you can camp in luxury or trim down to the bare minimum and go for weeks without having to resupply. Either way, our kayaks are made to cover distance and handle what weather and seas may come.

To begin the journey to find which NC Kayak is right for you, think about what kind of kayaking you do now, plan to do in the future, and where? What is your ultimate kayaking dream? Go ahead, you can dream here.

The NC17 Overnighter
The NC15 Excursion
The NC15 Escape