70Forty-eight – Storms

And that’s a wrap! With a finish time of 38.7 hours (2 hours better than our time last year), 70Forty-eight is officially over!

As we mentioned in our last post, the weather forecast for today was less than ideal. While the predicted thunder didn’t materialize, there were still storms to contend with. Heavy rain and wind made the trip rougher than we would have hoped for. While it certainly didn’t stop us, we did end up changing our paddle plan to ensure we remained close to land in case the weather turned on us. In the end, our path ended up looking like this:

Note: The SPOT tracker missed a handful of points at the beginning of the paddle. We did not, in fact, fly over the land.

Now that we’re done with this year’s paddle, it’s time for us to crack open a beer, plan how to add this year’s time to our SEVENTY48 tattoos, and of course… start training for next year’s race!

Look for more updates on our 70Forty-eight experience on social media and this blog in the future. But for now, take a look at these pictures from today’s paddle!



Rachel LovejoyJune 7, 2020

I am glad you made it. Congratulations on the improved time. I heard this morning that there are strong winds in the Narrows so I am glad you are not on the water today.

Speedo marinoJune 7, 2020

Good on ya all!

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