Kayak Models

At NC Kayaks we are single-minded in our pursuit of the best touring kayak there is. A touring kayak is a type of sea kayak that is designed with long distance travel in mind. That is why they are hand built in Tacoma Washington. Our kayaks are fast, light, hard tracking, durable, look good, and have enough storage you can really go somewhere.

Our fixed keel design eliminates the need for a skeg or a rudder. This means the only moving parts of the kayak are the foot pegs and the hatches, less to maintain, less that could break or jam. There is more storage than a similarly sized kayak with a skeg because there is no need for an internal box for the skeg to retract into, and unlike a kayak with a rudder, the footpegs are fixed, so you can really connect with the kayak.

All of our kayaks were designed with industry standard safety features, watertight compartments forward and aft of the cockpit, perimeter lines, bow and stern handles, as well as reflective decals and our exclusive perimeter flange, a ½ inch wide rubber flange that goes around the entire kayak, it deflects water away from the cockpit, protects the kayak from bumps and scrapes, and makes a very useful handle for deep water re-entry. We can also install our paddle float rescue straps making paddle float rescues faster and easier.

We have three kayak models, here is an overview of our models and their characteristics.


The NC15

At fifteen feet, eight inches long, and twenty-three inches wide the NC15 is the most nimble of our touring kayaks. Perfect for exploring tidal estuaries, lakes, bays, and coastlines. The narrow bow keeps the nose of the kayak tracking while the abbreviated stern allows you to easily rotate the kayak. The NC15 has a load capacity of three hundred twenty-five pounds and typically weighs between thirty-nine to forty-three pounds depending on model and options.

The NC15 Excursion starts at $3,195 and the NC15 Escape starts at $3,295


The NC17

At seventeen feet, two inches long, and twenty-three inches wide the NC17 is our most popular model. A very capable kayak, the NC17 is a proven long distance touring kayak. It tracks well but can be turned in just a few strokes when edged, is very responsive, and has a playful feel to it. The NC17 has a load capacity of three hundred fifty pounds and typically weighs between forty-three to forty-six pounds depending on options.

The NC17 Competition starts at $3,495 the NC17 Overnighter starts at $3,595 and the NC17 Quest starts at $3,695


The NC19

At nineteen feet, two inches long, and twenty-three and ¾ inches wide the NC19 is our ultimate long-distance kayak. This kayak can take you on very long expeditions. You will find the high cruise speed, and hard tracking characteristics allow you to cover surprising distances with a staggering amount of gear. The NC19 has a load capacity of four hundred fifty pounds and typically weighs between fifty-two to fifty-six pounds depending on options.

The NC19 Expedition starts at $3,795

Our fixed keel hull design and narrow bow allow the kayak to track without the need for a rudder or skeg. The external methyl methacrylate bonded deck to hull is unique to NC Kayaks. We incorporate all of these features into our touring kayaks.

At NC Kayaks we believe a touring kayak should be:

  • Hard tracking: the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.
  • Fast: the less time it takes to get there the farther you can go with less kit.
  • Stable: balancing a tippy kayak in heavy seas takes energy that is better used getting somewhere.
  • Easy to maintain: the only moving parts are the footpegs and the hatches; there are no control cables to break or jamb. Rinse with fresh water, use a brush if you get sand in the crevices, and wax the kayak periodically just like you would a car. That’s it.
  • Easy to load and unload: there’s no skeg box in your way or cables to snag your gear. Spend more time traveling, less time packing the kayak.
  • Strong: we use vinyl ester resin and a proprietary laminate schedule. What does that mean? It means when you hit that submerged rock you didn’t see, the hull can flex farther without fracturing than kayaks made with polyester resins and inferior laminates.
  • Light: we strive to make the kayaks as light as possible without compromising strength. Our kayaks are light enough that most people can move and load them solo. We figure, if you can’t get it to the water, what’s the point.
  • Built to last: our kayaks last… how long? We don’t know, but one of our first customers has been paddling his NC17 in the Bahamas for more than 15 years.
  • Beautiful: if it’s pretty, it’s pretty.