After SEVENTY48 2023

We finished out SEVENTY48 2023 with our normal traditions. We went to the Ruckus and enjoyed a beer or two with fellow racers. It is always good to celebrate with the amazing teams that win each class and the overall race. We swapped stories with other teams and connected IRL with folks that we may only know by their team names.

Then we sleep for a few hours before waking up before dawn to make our way back to the Northwest Maritime Center to watch the launch of the Race to Alaska (R2AK). The moon was still gorgeously bright as we watched R2AK teams prep for their race.

We went back to the hotel to nap until Townsend Tattoo opened. It was time for our annual tattoo update. We’re looking forward to adding a finish time again – maybe 2024 is our year.

After a fun couple of days in Port Townsend, we made our way back home and retrieved our cat. She was resistant to getting into the car, but settled back into her normal routines very quickly.

We’ve cleaned our gear and rested our bodies. Soon, we’ll start training for 2024.


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