Bowtie on Banbridge Day One

If you’re following along as we tackle our “Bowtie on Bainbridge” plan, here’s your update for Friday/Day One.

Our goals for today were relatively simple:

  1. get to Lisabuela in time to join Zoom for a dear friend’s wedding.
  2. set up camp on Blake Island
  3. eat dinner in time to get to bed by midnight (or so)

And how did it go?

  • We still don’t have our packing game solid. So we left the house 45 minutes late.
  • We launched only 30 minutes late, so we’re getting better at packing.
  • We did NOT make it to Lisabuela in time for the wedding, but that worked out for the best. As we floated north in Colvos, I pulled the zoom meeting up and watched it on my deck. It was getting towards golden hour. The water was calm, and it was a lovely way to experience a wedding.
  • Harbor porpoises joined us along the way, which is always a pleasure.
  • Grilled cheese for dinner – who doesn’t love comfort food?


  • We encountered a ferry as we got to Southworth. The good news was the ferry captain – he radioed what he was going to do and thanked us for our lights.
  • It takes a long time to grill a cheese. On a camp stove. In the cold.
  • Bedtime was closer to 2am.

In conclusion: we’re doing well and feel prepped for tomorrow’s circumnavigation!



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