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The best way to know if a kayak is right for you is to paddle it.

If you are already a paddler, we recommend you bring your own equipment so you can paddle using gear you are familiar with. Even if you’ve never kayaked before, we can show you how and have you paddling in just a few minutes. If you are just getting started, we have all the equipment you’ll need for the demo – just avoid wearing cotton and bring spare warm clothes just in case you get wet.

Our Demos are free of charge and are scheduled for one hour, with about half that time spent on the water in the kayak. Click on your preferred date on the calendar below and answer a few quick questions to schedule. Scroll down for map links and additional information about available launch locations.


Dash Point Pier (Dash Point Park)

Dash Point Park offers a true rarity: a sandy beach in the Puget Sound. The shore has a shallow slope and is protected from weather from the South and East. During your demo, we can head E/NE towards Dumas Bay or towards Browns Point and the sea lions that make their home in the marinas nearby. This is likely the most convenient launch listed if you are coming from points North of Tacoma.

Note that this is just west of Dash Point State Park and does not require a Discover Pass.

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Jack Hyde (Sundial) Park on Tacoma's Ruston Way

Jack Hyde Park in Tacoma – known to some locals as “Sundial Park” – is near the downtown/SE end of the Ruston Way waterfront, just next to Chinese Reconciliation Park.  Parking is across Ruston Way – follow the gravel parking lot under the overpass to find spaces closest to the park. On busy sunny days, parking may be somewhat crowded.

This launch site provides a small bay with a relatively sandy beach from which to launch. During your demo, we can head SE towards the Port of Tacoma or NW along Ruston Way.

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Steilacoom Boat Launch at the Ferry Dock

From this location, we’ll head E/NE towards Chambers Bay Golf course. Note that launch/landing space is limited during significant high tides, and we may recommend a different launch point depending on tides and currents for your chosen demo time. This is likely the most convenient launch listed if you’re coming from points South of Tacoma.

Note: the public boat launch in Steilacoom is just to the right of the ferry dock. The google map link below is to the ferry itself, and you want to either find street parking nearby or pull into the parking lot to the East of the Ferry Lanes, off of Commercial St.

Gig Harbor Public Boat Launch

Demo our kayaks in historic Gig Harbor. This protected area allows us to paddle along the shoreline towards Crescent Creek, across the water towards the Harbor History Museum, or Southeast towards Lighthouse Beach.

This is likely the most convenient launch listed if you’re coming from the peninsula side of the Narrows Bridges. This site has limited parking and launch space, so we may adjust to a nearby park if it’s too crowded.


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Your Favorite Spot

If you already have a favorite launch site within 20 miles of Tacoma, let us know – we’re happy to meet you there.