Gift Ideas for the Kayaker in Your Life – 2023 Edition

It’s December once again, and we have a few more gift ideas for the kayaker in your life. Having optimized our gear over the years our need for new gear is pretty small. That being said, with every trip, we find something that can be improved or a new failure mode that needs to be addressed. Sometimes it’s not needed, but it is nice to have.

To Keep You Warm

We found this USB Heated Blanket that we usually keep in the car to warm up after a cold winter paddle. I say “usually” because sometimes we take it with us. Since it can be powered by a USB battery pack it is perfect for warming up at the campsite.

To Keep it Charged

Speaking of USB battery packs, we have at least a dozen of them that we take with us on extended trips. However, we’ve experienced an issue after getting water in our phone charging ports. Even though the phones are water resistant, they will not charge if they detect water in the charge port.

Since we use our phones to communicate with our safety people, not being able to charge our phones (potentially losing communication) was a big problem. Enter the Mag Power Pack, it has three built-in cables: an Apple Lightning, a type C, and a micro USB, as well as USB-A (for your USB heated blanket) and USB-C output ports. What sets it apart for us is the 15W magnetic wireless charger built right into the battery, so even if there is water in the charge port of your phone it can still be charged on the wireless charger.


Staying Dry

The last addition we made to our gear this year is getting rain ponchos, yes plural, ponchos. For the first one, we found we needed another wind/waterproof layer that is easily accessible. We stopped at a beach for a snack and a rain squall came in. The waves were crashing on the rocky beach and we decided not to launch until the squall was over. Thanks to our drysuits we did not get wet, unfortunately, the rain and wind caused enough evaporative cooling that we began to get cold. We had warmer layers of clothes with us but had no place to change.

What we needed was something to go over our dry suits, a barrier between our dry suits and the wind and rain. Many kayakers use a storm cag for this exact reason, this Kokatat Storm Cag comes highly recommended by some of our paddling friends. Having never needed this while paddling we went with a cheaper route that we could pack in our deck bags. We purchased these “Disposable” Rain Ponchos that we’ve use several times now. When we are done with our break, we can fold (or scrunch) them back up and put them back in our deck bags.

The other poncho we purchased is for when we are camping. It is a heavier-duty poncho, it doesn’t pack down as small as the “Disposable” one so we keep it with our camp gear. Our Camp Poncho is perfect for our sometimes rainy camping trips. The hood is deep and stiff enough that we don’t have to constantly adjust it, and the material is thick enough so the raindrops won’t make a deafening noise. An all-around good camp poncho.

The Gift of Instruction

Every kayaker I know benefits from skill-building work. If you’re in the greater Puget Sound area, we highly recommend Robert Nissenbaum – he is an excellent instructor who is talented at helping kayakers at every level improve their skills and confidence. He teaches rescues, paddling technique, trip planning, and safety – all with patience, good humor, and support. He has scheduled classes, small groups, and private sessions available.

We’ve Said it Before…

We’ve written before about the gear we use – and we stand by the ideas in these posts:

Our Biggest Recommendation

Of course, we think the best gift you can give is the gift of a kayak. Use coupon code GIFT23 at checkout and get $500 off any kayak through December 26, 2023. So whether your special kayaker wants an in-stock kayak or a custom kayak of their own, we can help.

Order Now through December 26 and we’ll Give Back

As we have in years past, we will donate 10% of proceeds on all orders placed through Tuesday, December 26th (our own, extended, Giving Tuesday). We will split donations between four worthy organizations in our area.  They work everyday preserving our wildlife and waters and encouraging people to experience all the sea has to offer. We wrote a bit about each of them the year we started this tradition – check out:

And Some Smaller Gift Recommendations

And if a full kayak isn’t in the cards for this year, you can find just the right upcycled kayak ornament or one of our new stickers on our Etsy shop. When checking out of our Etsy shop use coupon code GIFT23 and get 20% off through December 26, 2023.

Seafoam Kayak ornaments make great gifts for Kayakers Plaid Kayak ornaments make great gifts for Kayakers
Kayak ornaments make great gifts for Kayakers Kayak ornaments make great gifts for Kayakers

Shop Local

As always, we recommend you shop with your local, independently owned kayaking supply shop. In the Puget Sound area, check out one of the great outfitters below.


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