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You’re ready to buy your dream kayak… in the perfect color… ready for the touring expedition you’ve been planning. Wait no more – we are here to help! Or maybe you’re not the kayaker of the family (we promise not to judge you for that), but you’re ready to make someone else’s kayak dream a reality this holiday season – we have a solution for you!

If you would like to use our financing partner for your purchase please contact us so we can build a product page just for you so that you can finance your whole purchase.

Your deposit will secure your place in our production schedule. Don’t know exactly what you want, or you’re ordering a gift? That’s okay. Even if you haven’t decided when it’s your turn, you keep your spot at the top of the list. Your deposit is refundable until we begin production on your kayak.

Not sure how this whole custom-kayak-order-thing works? Don’t worry – we’ve explained it all in detail: How to Order your Custom NC Kayak

Giving the Gift of a Custom Kayak

So you have a kayaker in your life who has always dreamed of a purple glitter boat… or an all-black boat… or a multi-color fade deck with an expedition lay-up… or almost any other NC Kayaks combination you can think of. Not only is that kayak maybe a bit difficult to wrap, but your kayak-imaging special someone might enjoy the process of designing their kayak to their own precise specifications. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. When you place your order, we will ship you a hand-made ornament, crafted from the same materials as our kayaks, wrapped and ready to give. If you would like to request a specific color or finish, head over to our Etsy shop and let us know which ornament seems right for your special kayaker. We’ll include a note that explains the next steps to get from an ornament in the box to their dream kayak on the water. We ship most often via USPS – please let us know if the date you need to have your gift in hand so we can be sure to expedite shipping if necessary.

So what are you waiting for? You’re only a click away from getting started.


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