Kayak Ornaments

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Kayak Ornaments upcycled from spare fiberglass pieces created as part of the manufacturing process.



We build Kayaks – why not Kayak Ornaments?

At NC Kayaks, we specialize in customizing the look of every kayak we build. We have a wide range of colors and finishes available: solid colors, metallic finishes, multiple color fades, metallic fades, and webbing, to name a few. Because we pigment our gel coat ourselves, we have a very large color palette to work with. So we are able to build kayaks to match a customer’s school colors, favorite color, or create something to stand out against the water.

We create several square feet of scrap fiberglass with each kayak as part of the manufacturing process. These scraps are in the same beautiful array of colors and finishes as the custom kayaks. One day, looking at these scrap pieces, we realized we could upcycle them into Christmas ornaments. The results are perfect gifts for the kayaker on your list and lovely additions to any Christmas tree.

The bad news is that a limited number of each style is available. The good news is that every custom kayak provides a new source of material. Each new kayak we build is a new ornament color and finish available.

In addition to several other kayaks that have not yet appeared in our blog, we currently have kayak ornaments available from the following:

1 review for Kayak Ornaments

  1. Aubrey Weber

    I love my kayak ornament! I was able to find one that looks like my sea kayak and it reminds me of all the fun paddling i did this year.

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