NC15 Escape with a Blue to Teal Fade


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This NC15 Escape has a blue perimeter to teal center fade, a teal seat, and coaming. This Escape has the 8-inch round SeaLect forward hatch and the 20×12 oval Pactrade rear hatch.

At fifteen feet, eight inches long, and twenty-three inches wide the NC15 is the most nimble of our touring kayaks. Perfect for exploring tidal estuaries, lakes, bays, and coastlines. The narrow bow keeps the nose of the kayak tracking while the abbreviated stern allows you to easily rotate the kayak. The NC15 has a load capacity of three hundred twenty-five pounds.

Free delivery within 300 miles of Tacoma, Washington. We use KAS Transport for our cross-country shipping needs. They specialize in transporting paddlesports watercraft and hand-load the kayaks onto their trailer. To get a shipping quote click “Here” and tell me where you’d like the kayak delivered.


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