NC17 Quest – Yellow with Gold Metallic Flake

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Yellow NC17 Quest with gold metallic flake, orange seat, and coaming. This Quest has the 8-inch round SeaLect forward hatch and the 20×12 inch oval Pactrade rear hatch.

At seventeen feet, two inches long, and twenty-three inches wide the NC17 is our most popular model. A very capable kayak, the NC17 is a proven long-distance touring kayak. It tracks well but can be turned in just a few strokes when edged, is very responsive, and has a playful feel to it. The NC17 has a load capacity of three hundred fifty pounds.

Free delivery within 300 miles of Tacoma, Washington. We use KAS Transport for our cross-country shipping needs. They specialize in transporting paddlesports watercraft and hand-load the kayaks onto their trailer. To get a shipping quote click “Here” and tell me where you’d like the kayak delivered.

1 review for NC17 Quest – Yellow with Gold Metallic Flake

  1. Richard Jarrell

    I will start off by saying the boat is flat beautiful to look at and to paddle. I have zero experience in a sit in touring type kayak. I have plenty hours on sit on tops. That said I was a bit shaky getting in and out the first few times. I am getting a handle on that. Once you take two strokes though it is like a dream paddle. The secondary stability is something to write home about. I had the boat on Kentucky lake and did four miles in a flash on the first day. So sweet to paddle and getting easier to turn as the days go by. I am taking her to PaddleFest in Big Lagoon SP in mid April so I can get some pointers on self rescue before I will feel more comfortable with wearing a skirt which will allow me to edge the boat with confidence as I see how that greatly assist in turning. This boat wants to go straight and I love it.
    When using proper torso rotation during you forward stroke I was double impressed with how the boat would just fly through the water. My plan is to do the MR340 in July and I know this superb craft has the speed to do it.
    My daughter bought me this boat after the death of my darling wife and it has helped me to get my mind off of missing my best friend and onto the water. I’m geared up for some kayak camping and ready to explore.
    Thanks for building such a wonderful watercraft. People stop just to tell me what a good looking boat it is.

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