SEVENTY48: Day 1 Plan – Fighting for Fay

When your plan is to paddle through the night… twice, it’s a little difficult to decide where to end your “day”. We’ll use the traditional, kindergartener-approved method to distinguish between days: sleeps. Our first sleep of SEVENTY48 2021 will be after sunrise on Saturday. We’re hoping the adrenaline of the race start and predicted following winds will help us push through the first night. Sometime around twelve hours in (and around the halfway point for mileage), we’ll do a bit of day camping.


DAVIDJune 4, 2021

Following you

DAVIDJune 5, 2021

I see you landed beyond the Agate Passage Bridge. Looks like PT tomorrow afternoon.

Charlotte L GoldmanJune 6, 2021

Wow Damn rain today. Pulling for you..

Charlotte L GoldmanJune 6, 2021

Well, we see you dropped out. Looks like it was ugly out there. Only 40 people have finished so far so that tells you something. You still did good!! Takes a rare person to do what you all did...

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