Summer 2022 Bioluminescence in Puget Sound: Best Dates

If you have not yet gotten out to view summer 2022 bioluminescence in Puget Sound, you still have several opportunities throughout the summer. If you are new to this adventure, be sure to read tips & tricks we shared in 2020. We’ve found that the biggest factor is less about where to kayak and more about when to go.

If you’re a local paddler, we’ve pulled together the days and times you’re likely to be able to see bioluminescence in the Pacific Northwest in summer, 2022. Note that the times listed below are based on sun and moon timing for our home base of Tacoma, Washington. Your local timing will vary – more info in the article linked above. We also only listed nights that have at least an hour of total darkness – that’s when we’ve always seen the most impressive displays. For ease of planning, we’ve listed each night with two dates – times listed are for the night between. In several instances, you’ll notice that total darkness actually begins the morning of the second date.

If you can’t make it during one of these times, you may still be able to view bioluminescence. Your goal is to find water that is in darkness. In the absence of actual darkness, you may have some luck if you can find some shadows on a moonlit night. Or if you’re paddling with a small crescent moon, you may find that you have a good view even with the moon in the sky. Or if the clouds roll in to hide the moon, almost any night can provide a good opportunity.

July 2022

At the time of publication, we’re in a phase where the moon will be out for the entire time between the end of astronomical twilight one day and the beginning of astronomical twilight the next. However, the last few weeks of July will provide a lot of options for total darkness. 

July 20/21 11:27pm – 12:37pm
July 21/22 11:25pm – 12:58am
July 22/23 11:22pm – 1:22am
July 23/24 11:20pm – 1:52pm
July 24/25 11:17pm – 2:30am
July 25/26 11:15pm – 3:16am
July 26/27 11:13pm – 3:20am
July 27/28 11:10pm – 3:22am
July 28/29 11:08pm – 3:27am
July 29/30 11:05pm – 3:27am
July 30/31 11:03pm – 3:29am
July 31/August 1 11:00pm – 3:32am

August 2022

In our experience, the most impressive displays have always been in the heat of summer. If you can paddle an August night, that’s likely to provide a good show.

August 1/2 10:58pm – 3:34am
August 2/3 11:04pm – 3:36am
August 3/4 11:22pm – 3:39am
August 4/5 11:42pm – 3:41am
August 5/6 12:07am – 3:43am
August 6/7 12:40am – 3:46am
August 7/8 1:24am – 3:48am
August 8/9 2:24am – 3:50am
August 18/19 10:15pm – 11:23pm
August 19/20 10:12pm – 11:52pm
August 20/21 10:09pm – 12:27am
August 21/22 10:07pm – 1:10am
August 22/23 10:04pm – 2:03am
August 23/24 10:02pm – 3:04am
August 24/25 9:59pm – 4:10am
August 25/26 9:57pm – 4:26am
August 26/27 9:54pm – 4:28am
August 27/28 9:52pm – 4:30am
August 28/29 9:49pm – 4:32am
August 29/30 9:47pm – 4:34am
August 30/31 9:44pm – 4:36am
August 31/September 1 9:47pm – 4:37am

September 2022

If we are still experiencing warm, sunny days in September, that can still provide a great opportunity to see bioluminescence at night. September also brings even earlier sunsets, so as soon as moonrise shifts later (toward the end of the summer), you’ll see some opportunities that might not even interfere with bedtime too much. 

September 1/2 10:10pm – 4:39am
September 2/3 10:39pm – 4:41am
September 3/4 11:18pm – 4:43am
September 4/5 12:09am – 4:45am
September 5/6 1:16am – 4:46am
September 6/7 2:35am – 4:48am
September 16/17 9:04pm – 10:23pm
September 17/18 9:01pm – 11:03pm
September 18/19 8:59pm – 11:53pm
September 19/20 8:57pm – 12:51am
September 20/21 8:54pm – 1:56am
September 21/22 8:52pm – 3:04am

We hope you have a great time – drop a comment to let us know how it went. We’d love to hear all about your summer 2022 bioluminescence paddling trips!


Erik jansenJuly 26, 2022

Blakely Harbor Alive the last couple if nights. Ferry wake is a cascade of rhythmic light.

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