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At NC Kayaks we are single-minded in our pursuit of the best touring kayak there is. A touring kayak is a type of sea kayak that is designed with long-distance travel in mind, so they need to be reliable. That is why they are hand built in Tacoma Washington. Our kayaks are fast, light, hard tracking, durable, look good, and have enough storage you can really go somewhere.

Our fixed keel design eliminates the need for a skeg or a rudder. This means the only moving parts of the kayak are the foot pegs and the hatches, less to maintain, less that could break or jam. There is more storage than a similarly sized kayak with a skeg because there is no need for an internal box for the skeg to retract into, and unlike a kayak with a rudder, the footpegs are fixed, so you can really connect with the kayak.