Gratitude, Giving Back, & Giving Gifts

This year, it may be more important than ever to find things to be grateful for.

I’ll start…

I am grateful for the ability to build boats. It consistently amazes me how “smelly magic” turns into beautiful NC Kayaks. I am thrilled every time I have the opportunity to turn someone’s dream kayak into reality.

I am thankful for days on the water. Nothing soothes my soul as much as spending time in nature. The water, waves, and wildlife are a balm that helps me reconnect to the world.

I am grateful that my favorite way to spend time is easy to do while social distancing. I paddle an NC19 Expedition, and it’s actually more difficult to paddle within six feet of my fellow kayakers than it is to keep my distance.

Giving Tuesday

As we reflect on all that we can be grateful for this year, we are once again moved to give back to some organizations that are important to us. Last year, we donated 10% of proceeds on kayaks ordered through Giving Tuesday (Read Why Giving Tuesday? for more about why we do this). This year, we are extending our timeline. We will donate 10% of all proceeds on orders placed now through Tuesday, December 27 to four organizations that support the wilderness and wildlife that we love. We wrote a bit about each of them last year – check out:

Give the Gift of a Custom Kayak

Do you have a kayaker on your gift list this year? We can help you make their holiday dreams come true. Click here for more information about ordering a custom kayak this holiday season, including ways we can help you wrap it to fit under the tree.


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