WA360: Day 4 Plan – the Gig is Up

Our planned pre-dawn launch from Hope Island should allow us to catch the ebb through the South Sound.

Leg One: Hope Island to Anderson Island

We’ll take our first break on Anderson Island.

Map of Hope Island to Anderson Island

Leg Two: Anderson Island to Gig Harbor

Then we’re hoping to make it to Gig Harbor on the rest of the morning Ebb.

Map from Anderson Island to Gig Harbor

Leg Three: Gig Harbor to Lisabuela

We’ll then have a nice break to restock and get some lunch in downtown Gig Harbor before we launch near the evening slack to paddle up Colvos to camp at Lisabuela for the night.

Map of Gig Harbor to Lisabuela

Gig Harbor offers some great re-supply options. There are several restaurants and shops within a block or two of the water. Depending on how our food supplies have held up, we might walk over to Finholm’s to stock up. That shop holds a special place in my heart. It’s where we’d always stop with Grandpa after a fishing trip if we needed something for dinner. You know – if Grandma had asked him to pick up some groceries… or if the fish weren’t biting and we needed a salmon to throw on the grill. If we’re in need of any gear, Ship to Shore Marine & Kayak and the Gig Harbor Fly Shop are both right there.


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