WA360: Day 5 – City Hop

Our plan for Day 5 is to stop for lunch at Eagle Harbor and then cross to the East Side of the Sound for dinner in Edmonds. Then we’ll push just a bit further to camp at Meadowdale.

Leg One: Lisabuela to Eagle Harbor

When we launch from Lisabuela, we’ll catch the current up Colvos and make a beeline for Eagle Harbor on Bainbridge Island. From Waterfront Park, it’s a short 1-2 block walk to Town & Country Market. The market is just across the street from Wildernest, a great local outfitter. If there’s anything that we need to stock up on as far as food or gear, this is an easy place to do so.
Map of Lisabuela to Eagle Harbor

Leg Two: Eagle Harbor to Edmonds Ferry Terminal

We’ll head out from Eagle Harbor and then turn north for a bit, to minimize our open water crossing and tackle the shipping lanes at a 90° angle. We’ll find dinner at one of the many restaurants near the Edmonds Ferry Terminal.

Map of Eagle Harbor to Edmonds Ferry Terminal

Leg Three: Edmonds Ferry Terminal to Meadowdale

After dinner, we’ll head north along the shore for a short bit to get to Meadowdale, where we’ll camp for the night.

Map of Edmonds Ferry Terminal to Meadowdale


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