WA360: Day 5 Recap

If you haven’t already read the original plan, check it out: WA360: Day 5 – City Hop. For those of you following along at home, here’s a little texture to add to what you may have already seen on the tracker.

Best moments of the day:

  • Finally checking off the first waypoint
  • Hot lunch at Boston Harbor Marina
  • Surprise visit from Lala
  • Meeting a “Tracker Junkie” as we paddled past Johnson Point (if you see this, drop us a comment – we didn’t catch your name).

Biggest Challenges:

  • Paddling against the current most of the day
  • Drying out the tent when the skies opened as we were setting it up… and then setting our bed up while we were inside


Plan Actual
Daily Mileage 33.86 nmi 28.38 nmi
Total Mileage 157.03 nmi ~100 nmi
Morning Launch 6:00am 8:15am
Evening Land 9:00pm 9:15pm

Quick Video of the Rain on the Tent




JoanJune 13, 2021

I'm the tracker junkie off of Johnson Pt. with the bernadoodle. :)

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