WA360: Day 6 Recap

If you haven’t already read the original plan, check it out: WA360: Day 6 – Strong Like an Oak. For those of you following along at home, here’s a little texture to add to what you may have already seen on the tracker.

Best moment of the day:

Running the Narrows against the current was a cool new experience. It’s a lot more technical than going with the current, so that felt like a nice achievement. Visit from Kaz at our secret camp set-up was an excellent boost.

Biggest Challenge:

Getting going after the disastrous set-up last night. Our gear was in disarray, the water line just kept receding, and even our organized half was overwhelmed.

We then pushed hard to try to make up time and still catch some ebb in the Narrows… which didn’t quite work.

Finally, coming around Point Defiance during a big flood was super technical and challenging. It took a lot. The amount of energy it required made our decision to camp for the night. By the time we would be ready to get back to paddling, it would be time to set up camp anyway.


Plan Actual
Daily Mileage 30.85 nmi 11 nmi
Total Mileage 187.88 nmi ~111 nmi
Morning Launch 7:00am 12:50 pm
Evening Land 8:30pm 5:50pm


maryJune 13, 2021

hi melissa and travis—- i followed you progress for your week+ and am so impressed! what a wonderful experience, especially after a few more days i would guess. hope you write a book!

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