WA360: Day 6 Plan – Strong Like an Oak

The plan for Day Six is to get from Meadowdale to Oak Harbor. Since we’ll be hopping through civilization again, we’ll plan on lunch and dinner from restaurants, and just using our packed food for supplemental snacks.

Leg One: Meadowdale to Langley

We’ll launch from Meadowdale and cross the Clinton/Mukilteo ferry near the Clinton Ferry Terminal. Then we’ll head around the point to the Langley Boat Launch where we’ll rest and potentially grab some take-out for lunch.

Map of Meadowdale to Langley

Leg Two: Langley to Beachcombers Road

For our second break of the day, we plan on stopping at the boat launch at Beachcombers Road. This break is likely to be snacks while sitting on driftwood, but it will be a nice pause before our final push towards Oak Harbor.

Map of Langley to Beachcomber's Road

Leg Three: Beachcomber Road to Oak Harbor

When we land in Oak Harbor, we hope to grab some takeout and re-stock our supplies, since our planned campsite at Oak Harbor City Park is a short walk from restaurants and grocery stores.

Map of Beachcombers Road to Oak Harbor


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