WA360: Day 8 Plan – Bellingham Bay Buoy

The Plan for Day 8 is to cross off our next waypoint: Bellingham outfall buoy Fl Y 10s priv. If that doesn’t make any sort of sense to you, don’t feel alone. I didn’t technically realize that buoys have their own names and identifying characteristics. Just saying “the buoy off Restoration Point that always has sea lions on it” isn’t how it works? I learned a lot as I decided to apply for this race.

Leg One: Saddlebag Island to Fairhaven Marine Park

With the buoy in Bellingham Bay so close to Fairhaven… With a park that boasts a beach ideal for kayaking… Well, our choice of where to stop got pretty easy. We’re hoping to land in time for an early lunch before we launch again to circle the buoy.

Map of Saddlebag Island to Fairhaven

Leg Two: Fairhaven Marine Park to Lummi Island Campground

Our second section of the day will feature a relatively short paddle to the Cascadia Marine Trails Campsite on Lummi Island. We plan to hit the hay early, for another full night of sleep… or some wiggle room in the schedule if we’ve gotten off-track.

Map of Fairhaven to Lummi Island


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